Toyota car review

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I drove a Toyota for about four years and I was really happy with the quality of the car. It was the best quality I’ve ever had. I’ve drove Fords and Saturn later on but they were very poor in quality. I have to fix it a lot and they broke down on me on the road all the time. Toyota provides the greatest quality out of the entire car I’ve had so far. I’ve never had to fix a lot with the Toyota. I drove it all the time and there was not a problem with it as long as I tune it up.

The exterior was great quality and the interior was great quality too. The wheels were always in good shape. The engine was always running smoothly too. I never had to fix the engine or anything like that. It was great. Toyota is a reliable kind of cars and I would recommend anyone to buy a Toyota. What was wrong with the Ford that I had? The Ford ran smoothly for awhile.

The engine was great and the exterior was great too. The interior was great too. The battery didn’t charge for awhile though. I had to replace the battery but the car was old too. The Saturn exterior was plastic. The wheels were alright but I have to change the tires all the time. The engine is alright too but I had to change the battery because it keeps on dying. The interior was broken easily. I just didn’t like it that much. I really like the quality of Toyota. It last for a long time.


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