Cal. State Long Beach college review

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Cal state university of Long Beach is located in Long Beach, California. It’s a credited university. They have a BS and MS program. Cal. State Long beach is a popular college because it’s affordable. It’s less expensive than the normal University. They charge you about $300 per class and every class is different. The campus is large with a lot of programs, clubs and activities. It’s a nice and clean campus. They have a pyramid there as the sports stadium. It’s a large blue pyramid. Long Beach is a college but it doesn’t have a lot of reputation like other college. Long Beach is Long Beach.

They have every major there. You can get a good education there. It’s not so bad but there can be a few problems like rude professors, large classrooms, or poor classmates. Officials who don’t care as much. They’re famous for the liberal study program. They’re also famous for their nursing program and business program. They do have a good Volleyball team there. Everyone that lives around the area attend college there. It’s more convenient for them.

I would give the school 7 out of 10. I encountered a lot of rude professors and school officials who weren’t that helpful. Their financial aid department is pretty rough. They will deny you a certain package when other college would approve you so if you’re looking for assistance they’re not a good college to attend. I had many problems there which I regret going there. The parking lots are big but it’s costly and you will get ticked if you don’t pay. It’s fun at Long Beach. Students are casual and mind their own business.


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