How to take medication safely

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It’s important to take medication safely. There are some of us that take medication incorrectly which can prevent us from healing faster or can be unsafe. You have seen recently in the news about the death of Michael Jackson over too much pain medication and also Danny Gan. You’re not supposed to take that more medication than your prescription. You’re supposed to take exactly as prescribed by your doctor. It’s important to talk to your family or elderly about taking medication safely. How can you take medication safely?

Follow direction

You should follow exactly what the prescription said and don’t follow your own. You will heal faster if you follow the direction of the bottle.

Don’t skip it

You should never skip medication and then go back to it after a week or a month. Your illness won’t be better that way. It’s important to not skip your medication. You have to take it daily.

Don’t take more or less than prescribed

You should take exactly as prescribed and don’t take any more or less than what is prescribed to you. It’s not safe to go over the amount that is prescribed to you. You should always take what is prescribed to you.

Don’t take other people’s medication

Every prescription is build for each individual. It’s unsafe to take other people’s medication. You should only take your medication. The dosages are different for each person. You should only take medication for your type of illness and prescribed to you only.


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