Why Sushi is not good for you

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Sushi is a great dish for every occasion but recently there are many news stories that indicate that Sushi is no longer a desirable type of food. A story on ABC about a man who has a 9 foot tape worm in his body after eating sushi doesn’t inspire me to eat sushi anymore. The tape worm inside of his body can grow to be 20 feet if it was allowed to grow. It can be bad for your health. Tape worm will suck most of your nutrients leaving you thin and without good nutrition. This is why you see a lot of eastern people frail. A lot of people in some Easter cultures have worms inside of them. I used to know a lot of people from some Easter village that have a lot of worm inside of their bodies due to poor health.

Sushi can be raw fish or other seafood. Raw fish or seafood can contain tape worms or parasites and they will grow inside of your body. All it takes is heat to kill these worms or parasites so you should eat cooked food instead of raw food if you don’t want tape worms to grow inside of you. There will always be that chance that you can get worms and parasites from eating raw sushi.

The man in the story on ABC news said that he got the tape worm from eating raw fish from a restaurant in Chicago. He went to the hospital and then sues the restaurant for $100,000 for the sushi that made him sick. The chef at the restaurant said that it was common to have worms in raw fish but all it takes is cooking to reduce it or kill it off. You can still eat a lot of meat but you should cook it well before you eat it so that it doesn’t contain worms.


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