Why is your computer slow

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Why does your computer slow down? Computers will slow down if you do several things like having too much files uploaded or you’re infected with spywares and viruses. If you have an older version of a computer or laptop, it could also slow down. If you damage your electrical systems somehow, it could also slow down. If you have too many files going on, it could also slow down. If you have too many windows open, it could also slow down. It’s important to work with as little windows as possible so that your computer can be faster. If you think about it, it makes sense.

If you’re asked to talk on eight phone lines, you would be slow and don’t know what you’re doing too. This is a computer so it would be more confusing then you. If you open too many windows or files, it will slow down and freeze at some points. You probably have experience this before where you open ten windows and it jam up all of the sudden. You have to close your computer and start all over again. It’s best to work with one widow and open two tabs. You don’t have to open many different windows to work. One window is enough. It will slow down your loading time if you have too many windows open. If you have spyware and virus, your computer will slow down too.

It will slow down as much as ten time of your normal speed. If you don’t have antivirus software installed, you need to install it so that you can remove the virus and spy ware. Once you have done that your computer will be much faster. You can download it for free online. You can google search free antivirus software. You can also try lavasoft free antivirus or ad remover. It’s free to download online. If you have ads popping up all the time, it can slow down your computer usage. You can enable pop up blocker and also remove all pop up malware. You can also delete the browser that is giving you that much problems and then try better browser. Some browsers have more pop ups than other. Firefox is good and Google Chrome is good too.


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