How to highlight your hair at home

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You color hair at home. It’s easy and fun. Coloring your hair is fun and it gives you a new look. You can do it yourself or have a friend to help you. It’s not hard and most of the time you can do it by yourself. What do you need? You would need to buy a coloring box from the store and then color your hair. The tricky part is buying the right color. Most of the time the color will be different then what’s on the box. You will have to test it out first before you color your hair with it. I used to get different colors every single time. It won’t be the color that you want. It will always be a little different. This is why you should not put it all over your hair when doing a dramatic color or makeover. You will have a really dark or orange look and it will take another five shades to correct it. I once had my hair so black that it took me another five shades to correct it which wasn’t fun.

The color on the box will not be the color on your results. It will depends on your current hair color and how light or dark it will change to. You will need to test it on the bottom back of your hair and see if it’s the color that you like. If you’re touching up, you should do it for only thirty minutes. If you want to redo your hair completely, you can put it on for an hour. The colors won’t change that much after an hour but if you keep it on for an hour, the color will be richer than half an hour.

You can do multiple colors instead of just one color. Multiple colors highlights are in nowadays. It looks better than one color. If you dye it all in one color, it can look artificial and not too interesting. You can just add a closer tone highlight to mix things up a little bit and make it look more real. It will always come out better than one color. You can use aluminum foil to separate the colors. Make sure you don’t spread too much on your scalp so that it doesn’t touch your skin which can be harmful. After you’re done, you can condition your hair because it will be dry without conditioning it. You can walk out to the sun to get maximum exposure so that colors can develop faster.


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