Why are people afraid of commitment

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Why are people afraid of commitment? There are some people out there who will date casually but they don’t want a committed relationship. There are many reasons why they don’t want to commit to a relationship. Men seem to have more commitment problems than women. Men are not good at these things. They like casual relationships sometimes. People are afraid of commitment sometimes due to past relationships problems. If they’ve been hurt a lot of times or if they won’t like the idea of a committed relationship.

People who have a lot bad relationships tend to not want to get into serious relationships. They’re afraid that they will get hurt. They like to stay in casual relationship where they don’t’ have to express their feelings all the time. They don’t have to commit to you all the time. They like space. People that have a lot of relationship problems don’t like to make continent because they don’t want to go through the same problems again. They think that it could turn out to be like their last relationship which might not be true.

Some people don’t’ want a committed relationship because they’re tied up with their career. They’re busy working and they don’t have time to devote to their partner all the time. They rather like a casual relationship where they can come and go. It’s easier that way. They might not be ready for a committed relationship yet. Once they’re more settle with their career ten they might be interested in a long term relationship. People don’t want to commit to a relationship if they’re not sure about their feelings for that person. They’re dating other people or they’re just browsing around. When people are ready to commit, they will commit. There are people who feel safer when they’re just dating casually. They’re playing it safe. They like to be safe and they don’t want to risk getting hurt. This group might have had bad relationship in the past.


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