Depression and Boredom – How to Be Happy and Always Be in a Good Mood

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Every day, everything is always the same. Your routine and the narrow paths of your life, people that only repeat what everybody else has said before without thinking about what they are saying, old places and objects, the same people who cannot understand your emotional world, the old familiar environment where you don’t feel respected, selfish friends that don’t care for you or your feelings, the vast world where you feel lost and alone…

These sad repetitions and the sensations you feel due to their existence cause a depressive situation, where you feel permanently dissatisfied.

Nothing is ever different: your entire life is simply being covered by the dust of time and emptiness. What happened to your dreams and plans? What happened to your decisions and courage?

Routine and infinite impossibilities that turn around the same points, prevent you from living the life you wanted to live – and the future doesn’t seem to be different. You feel old before living and tired before trying.

Boredom and despair cut your wings in the air. How can you escape from craziness and destruction?

Depression suffocates your heart, and you believe that there is no solution for your existential problems.

However, you have to continue living in the dust. You have many responsibilities on your shoulders…

Don’t lose hope, because the interpretation of the dreams you see when you sleep is a miraculous solution that can save you from this prison.

To your surprise, in your dreams you’ll discover a key that opens many doors and windows, where the other side of reality appears and you can see what would have happened in the future. If you would have made several mistakes, you’ll avoid them for sure, changing what would have been sad, into what will be good.

The unconscious mind that produces the dreams is saintly and wise. You can completely trust the unconscious guidance, while you must be very afraid to trust everyone else, including yourself, because everyone is influenced by the primitive side of their conscience, which is wild and violent.

You have to learn how to tame this beast and transform it into a positive part of your human conscience, developing all your capacities, since you are going to use in the conscious area, what is now wasted in your wild side.

This will be the beginning of your journey to health, wisdom and happiness, moving away from depression and despair, since you will learn many things by interpreting your dreams: one lesson after another. These lessons will help you understand how to live happily and how to solve all the problems of your life, how to always be in a good mood, characterized by vivid optimism and determination.

Knowledge, comprehension and wisdom will invade your empty days and fill them with intelligence and bright new ideas that you will have the confidence to put into practice because you know that they will work.

The wise unconscious mind will be your counselor forever and, this way, your decisions and actions will always be the ones that will bring you the best results.

Your depression will disappear completely and you’ll always have a pleasant activity to pursue in your life; a hobby that will not only help you immensely in all ways, but will also give you the courage and the power to succeed in all fields: the translation of your own dreams!

This is how you’ll transform your grey life into a rainbow full of colors, and never again feel boredom and dissatisfaction.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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