Dreams and Predictions

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If we learn how to interpret our dreams following the unique correct method of their exact translation discovered by the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, we can not only make predictions through our dreams’ messages but also observe our present reality. Everything that happens with us in our daily lives can be interpreted in the same way that we interpret our dreams, and thus give us information about reality, ourselves, and other people or even the future.

Predictions are possible because reality is created before it occurs, what could be verified through many discoveries made through biology, which show us that each organism is well prepared to defend itself in a dangerous environment where it has many enemies, and it is also well prepared to attack and kill its prey, even from the first moments of its adult life.

The preparation of many factors in our planet has also been observed in astronomy. The formula of life was already known in our planet, because the possible combinations of the molecules that could result in a live cell could not take place in our own planet since it was too young. The number of chances or trials and errors required before life could appear on this planet are so vast that life would not have arisen on this planet if these combinations were made solely by chance.

So, the desire to predict the future is not absurd; on the other hand, it is perfectly logical and possible, because the creation of reality is a fact that has already been scientifically verified.

When we examine our dreams and interpret their messages using the method of Jung, we start to communicate with the unconscious side of our psychic sphere that produces dreams. After a series of dreams that show us our mistakes and guide us on how we can develop our human conscience, we start seeing dreams with information about what is going to happen in the future; the information we receive is very serious and important. The predictions made through dream interpretation are real and can be trusted.

If the prediction made shows us that something bad is going to happen with us in the future, we can change our destiny, following the guidance from the unconscious. There is a reason for the existence of a bad destiny, and this is related to the person’s behavior. If they break their behavioral patterns and correct their mistakes, the bad destiny is avoidable.

Predictions are only calculations based on the nature of each person and their character. Dream predictions are safe and true, but only if we learn how to interpret their meaning correctly following only the method discovered by Carl Jung.

His method is difficult and complicated, but I could continue his research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere and discover what was hidden there. Therefore, I can interpret dreams better than Jung himself, by using his method, which I simplified and explained better through my ebook about the free and safe psychotherapy through dream interpretation.

This method is absolutely accurate and it works very perfectly, so much so that I could discover how we could prevent craziness through the messages I received in my dreams, which completed my studies.

By interpreting your dreams, you will not only be able to predict the future and change it if it is not good, but you’ll also be able to prevent craziness and stay far from this danger. If you are already depressed or neurotic, you’ll be completely cured very easily through dream interpretation, following the guidance given by the wise unconscious that produces dreams and works like a doctor to save our human conscience from craziness.

If you are psychotic or schizophrenic you can be partially cured through dream interpretation, but this partial cure will save you from painful treatments and strong medications.

After learning how to interpret your dreams, you can start interpreting reality in the same way since everything on our planet can give us information about our present reality, other people, and our own psychic problems. We only need to learn the mysterious language used by the unconscious in our dreams, which is not a mystery anymore, thanks to the result of my research in this psychic realm.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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