Yamaha Gigmaker EG Review

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Are you get an electric guitar? Then you might want to consider the Yamaha Gigmaker EG. I have been lucky to own one of these guitar sets, and for more than a few reasons, this electric guitar does not look and feel like a beginner’s electric guitar, like Yamaha describes it. In this article, I am going to give you the Yamaha Gigmaker EG Review.

Well, first of all, a guitar set is not a set without a few more gizmoes coming with the guitar. Along with the PAC012, the guitar, it also included an amp, a chromatic tuner, cable, guitar strap, a very instructional DVD and hey, a few strings! Perfect.

The PAC012 is very well known for its sturdiness and great sounds. Well, this time I have proven it. I felt like a professional artist while playing the electric guitar! Most people say that this instrument is for beginners, but I beg to disagree. I think not. I actually felt professional while playing it!

I also adore how the neck feels. There are no bumps or curvatures anywhere as well as it is smooth to the touch. Very easy to the touch, even when I had to glide my hand up and down in the entire neck area very quickly.

Is it durable? Oh yes, it is! I accidentally dropped the electric guitar, but it still played the awesome sounds like it supposed to do, leaving only a very small scratch that is very unnoticeable, unless I scrutinized closely. The guitar lives to see another day!

The instrument looks very gorgeous, too! Yamaha did live up to the standards of aesthetics with this instrument. It looked vintage, too. It must be the chromatic tuners, which is a good thing for me. Hey, it’s just me.

Oh, by the way, it comes in red, blue and black varieties. I own a blue electric guitar. I just love the color.

The amp is really great for its tiny size. The two channels give out superb sounds. I really love the instructional video CD. I learned a few things with that piece of resource. Very educational, I must say. Especially for those who are new players.

The only thing that is bad about the set is the strap. It looked cheap, much like the generic straps you can find in any store. It easily gave up to wear, as mine broke on the first week. But I think they made up for that with the extra strings. Still, I am very happy with the inclusions in this electric guitar package.

Is Yamaha Gigmaker EG a great guitar set? Sure, it is! I recommend Yamaha Gigmaker EG!

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