Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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  1. Companionship. A good dog will cheer up the loneliest person. Dogs of all breeds are often taken to shelters and retirement homes to add joy to a person’s day. I have met good cats and bad cats, and mean cats and nice cats, but not one of them have been affectionate or as smart as any one of my dogs. Though I do wish the mastiff would stop insisting on being a lap dog.
  2. Dogs are more intelligent. Show me a seeing eye cat.
  3. Dogs are more athletic. Yes, cats show remarkable agility and grace. But so did my Australian Sheppard, Loki. That dog could climb a tree and a chain link fence, dig moles out of their holes and change direction in mid leap (which could reach amazing heights) just to catch a moth.
  4. Dogs offer protection. The best alarm system and theft deterrents in the world are not guns or expensive electronics, but dogs. My mastiff, while not ever hurting a fly, will bark and shake the walls. She doesn’t even have to get up. Also, show me the cat that has drug his owner out of a burning building, or saved them from drowning. Dogs have been known for these things throughout history, and specific breeds are even bred for those traits.
  5. Lastly, but certainly not least the biggest reason encompasses the other four. Loyalty. If you die, alone in your apartment save for the dog, the dog will lie down next to you and pine away till death takes him. As soon as the food runs out the cat, in the same situation, will eat you, starting with your eyeballs.

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