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If people should learn “on their own”, which means people need to have enough self-discipline to sit down at the computer, open a lecture and read/watch to learn, this often does not work as expected. One important reason is, that people often have too many things to do and get distracted too often to follow a schedule for their own learning.

In the last years, companies have touted learning with live video classes over the Internet as the best thing since sliced bread. These companies often tried to sell you expensive video solutions which never worked as expected. Video learning in real time is one of the best things you can use for learning in deed. This is because the students have a fixed classes scheduled and the teachers can interact with students in their classes. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get it running.

During the last year, several platforms have been developed, to enable live learning via audio and video-stream. One of them is WizIQ, it’s a free community of teachers and learners. Teachers can sign up for free and offer free classes (yes, you can find me also on WizIQ if you lookup my name). Students can join these free classes anytime. Up to 500 students can be in class simultaneously. WizIQ has also a premium membership for a few dollars per year. This premium account allows more features for the teachers like offering paid classes.

Another platform like these is called eduFire (you will find my name here also). This is basically aimed for paid classes and their main focus is on language learning. Anyway, if a teacher wants to teach there, they can sign up for free. On eduFire, teachers don’t have to pay for their membership. Instead, they will take a small commission from paid classes to keep the platform running. Therefore, teachers only spend money on the platform if they already make money from selling their classes.

Which system you like better is up to you. These are just two systems that are established and running for over a year right now. Other live teaching platforms are coming up and try to get a share of the market. So keep your eyes open, most of them offer a free basic membership, so that now everybody can teach and learn live with real people.


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