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DRINK WATER: Water flushes out toxins produced in the body. Thus we need to drink lots of water (about 8 glasses of water). Always drink water slowly. Do not gulp them down. Drinking 1 glass of water just immediately after waking up in the morning can help reduce the temptation of eating too much as breakfast; it also helps clean our stomach.

HAVE SOME HONEY: some pupil vomits if they drink water in empty stomach early in the morning. So we have another solution, drink pure honey instead. Having one teaspoon of unadulterated honey early in the morning can reduce your weight very fast.

KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU EAT NOT HOW MUCH: Most people think that they become fat because that they eat too much, so they eat less but still don’t find any difference in their weight. Know why? Not all food contain the same amount of energy some contains high amount of fat and Glucose, If eaten even in small Quantity can be a big contributer to your increasing waist line. So when buying things from outside read the back end and see how much calories it contains.

KEEP AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD: Junk food is one of the biggest contributer of excess calories. Having a piece of cake or an ice cream once in a while is okay, but having them frequently is harmful. Keep away from soft drinks because of the high level of sugar it contains.

We couldn’t type the rest in this article so we typed the rest in another article as the part 2 of this one. For part 2 go to health and nutrition → DIET AND NUTRITION → HOW TO REDUSE FAT AND WEIGHT PART 2

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