Is it luck or something else

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Sometimes I ask myself why other people have it made and why I have to work so hard and feel like I am getting nowhere. Maybe the truth is we make our own luck or is it some people just get lucky. It seems like everything I do back fires. It is easy for people to tell you to be positive we things are going well. How hard is it to be positive when life sucks? Lately I have been trying to change my situation but it takes years to fix mistakes you made when you were young. What is the secret behind good luck? I am getting to the point of giving up on anything ever going right. I guess I do believe to a certain extent that if you are positive then in turn positive things will happen. How do you think positive about a negative situation? Maybe when something bad happens it is meant to help you to grow in a certain area of your life, which you might lack in. the other side of, circle presents itself also. Knowing what I know now if I were to do it over again would I make the same mistakes? I guess the only way to go about it is to start now and live everyday for what it is worth. Just remember it takes years to change bad habits not overnight. Sometimes we do things without realizing we are doing it. Even when someone tells about our behavior. Sometimes it just takes a little pain to show us what choose to ignore.


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