How to hire a professional voiceover artist for your Elearning Narration

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Once you have identified a potential voiceover artist that you would like to work with, here are some steps to follow to making the hiring process go as smoothly as possible.

1.  If your script is already written email the full script for a quotation.

2. If the script is still a work in progress email an approximation of the final length in either time or number of words. A word count is preffered over a page count as font size and style, marigns and layout can all influence how many words are on a page.  Dont forget to mention that the script is to be used as a elearning narration. 

3. If you are choosing between 2 or three voiceover artists, why dont you ask each to record a short section from the script to help with the casting decision.  Most voiceover artists are more than happy to record this free of charge and understand that it may involve several people to get a final casting decision.

4. Your voiceover artist should then be able to provide you with a quote and estimated turnaround time for the recording. 

5. If you are working to a tight schedule or tight budget do let your voiceover artist know the constraints you are working to.  Most voiceover artists will do their best to accomodate your requirements.

6. With regards to the quote, confirm whether the quote includes editing into the individual screen/slides.  Also confirm whether the quote is for a full-buyout, 1 year license or 2 year license. 

7. Confirm the audio format you require and make sure the voiceover artist can deliver in the specified format.  Also check which delivery method they will get the audio files to you.  Methods can vary from uploading to your FTP server, CD overnight, or via an online file transfer system such as

8. Confirm the payment options with your voiceover artist.  Some voiceover artists request a 50% deposit before recording can begin.  Many voiceover artists are happy to receive payment via paypal, cheque or bank transfer. 

Written by Alison Pitman. For further information about the author and to hear her voice demos visit


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