How to Stress The Importance of Careful Meal Planning

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For time due to hectic work schedules and a busy home life.  There are many simple ways in which you can feel confident that your family is receiving a nutritious breakfast each and every day. Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the entire day.  Many Americans are pressed for time but it is still possible to eat right each and every day.

 First, you should plan your weekly breakfast menu and you can even make notes if it makes it easier for you.  First, one day you can plan simple breakfast cereal and milk. Another day it could be bacon & eggs with toast, and in between it could be something as simple as a breakfast bar or toast and jam. 

 Actually, eggs are high in nutrients and health experts claim that you can eat four eggs per week and still maintain a good cholesterol level.  In addition, whatever you plan for breakfast don’t forget a small serving of juice or tea.  Coffee is ok but contains no nutritional value and is loaded with caffeine. 

 Finally, it is quite simple to maintain a healthy life style if you are willing to take tine to monitor what your family is eating.  It is important when your children are young to stress the importance of meal planning and healthy eating habits.

 Make sure if you buy breakfast cereal to read the ingredients, you want to stay away from cereal with refined sugar or unusually amounts of fat and carbohydrates.


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