Imparting Character in children

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What is important for your children?  Are academic studies, talents and hobbies important?  Previously, I brought my elder son to attend Tumble Tots, arts classes, and music classes.  I thought the classes would help him to develop his talents and he would enjoy them.  My husband and I were exhausted to send him to attend the activities during weekends.  We did not have time to take a nap or communicate with each other.  We asked ourselves, “What is important for my son?” Our answer is character development.

What is Character?

According to World Book Dictionary,” character” means the qualities that make a person what he is.  Character applies to the moral qualities that control the way of a person thinks, feels and acts in the important matters of life, especially to the principles of right and wrong.

From Character First, “character is the inward motivation to do what is right, whatever the cost.  Every person has equal opportunity to build his or her character by working on qualities such as truthfulness, patience, and loyalty.  When daily decisions are based on these qualities, you will experience practical and lasting rewards.”

Why is character important?

Character teaching begins at young age.  It is the decision from the parents to guide their children with good character practice.  Character is caught than taught.  Parents will be the models of learning of good characters e.g. patience, honesty, and punctuality and so on for the child.  It is tough and challenging for parents.  Character is the decision to do what is right.  It is the guide to a person in making decision or overcome difficulties.

Praising good character

What is the difference between praising achievement and character? For example, a child scores 98 marks over 100.  His mother says,” Excellence. Well-done” by praising his achievement.  The child may feel insecure if he cannot achieve good marks next time.  Instead of praising achievement, mother can praise his diligence in revising his homework and attentiveness during the class.  By praising good character, it guides the child to develop his potential, reinforce his good character and improve his self-esteem.

Character is important.  A person without good character is like a person without a soul. With good character, you will display your good quality or being as a person.  Praising character is important.  It helps to motivate you in discovering more good character in you and others.  Most importantly, praising character can build self-esteem.  Be generous and praise the good character you see in your children, it makes a difference in their life.


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