How to Pick a Ten Pin Bowling Ball

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Not all bowling balls are created equally. Whether you are a person who only bowls one a year or one who competes in leagues, you must have the right type of bowling ball. Just having one that is in your favorite color is not the best reason to use that ball. The most important feature you should look for when you are using the alley’s balls or are purchasing one is the hand grip.

You first have to look at the weight of the bowling ball. If you use a ball that is too heavy, you can injure your shoulder and wrist. While men have a tendency to pick the heaviest balls to show off their masculinity, females tend to pick a ball that is too light. This affects the amount of force needed to get a strike. If you a woman you should use a ball that weights between ten and fourteen pounds; if you are a man the ball should weight between fourteen and up to sixteen pounds. An Adult should not use a ball that weighs less than ten pounds unless if he has a weak back. Children should use a ball that they can easily swing without putting a strain on their muscles. A ball that weighs less than ten pounds would be ideal for the beginner child. The weight of the balls is normally engraved on the surface of the bowling ball.

The thumbs and finger holes in bowling balls vary greatly. The holes are normally wider in the larger balls and smaller in the lighter ones. Some people may find it hard to find a ball in their ideal weight if they have larger or smaller hands. Therefore, you have to check the conventional grip of different bowling balls to find one that suits your hand.

Cradle a ball in your non-throwing arm. Try to put your thumb, index and middle fingers into the finger holes. If the finger holes are too tight, try this with another ball with the same weight. Keep trying the balls until you find one where you can easily slide you fingers in and allows your thumb to come out easily. When you are testing the finger holes, your palm should be in full contact with the ball.

The final test is when you roll the ball down the alley. The fingers should slide out easily. If they stick, your roll will not be effective. Therefore, you should pick more than one ball before you start your game.

You may also consider purchasing your own bowling ball. Sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect ball at the bowling alley. Once you know your desired weight, color and brand of bowling ball, go to a sporting goods store. These bowling balls are costumed made for your hand because your fingers get measured and the holes are drilled after you decide which ball to get.

You know how to find the ball that gives you the best grip. Not only will you come home with an improved bowling performance, your body will thank you for it. With the right bowling ball you are preventing wrist and shoulder injuries. Have fun hitting the lanes.


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