7 Ways to Make Money During a Recession

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There are many recession-proof jobs, and ways of earning an extra income. Many people cut back on unnecessary luxuries, and start spending wisely. So, seeking out a job that is considered necessary, even during a recession, is a crucial key for your search. Here are some examples of jobs you can do that are ‘recession friendly’.

 Become a Hired Hand

During a recession people are more interested in taking better care of what they already own rather than buying new property; for example, their homes, computers and automobiles. Therefor, service jobs will always be recession proof. Mechanics, carpenters, electricians, and computer technicians will always be in demand, so advertising your skills for hire would be a smart move, and possibly develop into a steady source of income.

 Be an Independent Teacher

Whether you are a professional teacher or not, having a useful skill you can offer to teach is a great way to earn extra money. Teaching online has become more widespread over the past few years, and this exposes you to a world of opportunity. There are plenty of educational web sites developed for teachers to offer online classrooms, and private lessons in a variety of subjects.

 Become a Freelance Writer

The choices on what to write, and where to write are endless. The best time is now for writing blogs, articles, and newsletters. There are jobs constantly being listed for ghostwriters to assist writers with their blogs, books, articles, and even web site content. There are also web sites that pay per article posted, or pay a per view revenue. The opportunities are endless, and so is the income possibility.

 Open up a Childcare Service

Parents are always in need of a good childcare provider, and during a recession they are in need of a more affordable option. Opening up an affordable childcare service won’t make you rich, but it is definitely a strong option for a steady income during a recession. It could even possibly become a full-time job.

 Start Marketing from Home

Many jobs can be done from home, and social media marketing is one of them. If you are a social media guru, and skilled with social marketing, then advertise your abilities as a freelancer. If you already have a few developed profiles on social media web sites then use this to showcase your networking abilities in a portfolio. Advertise your marketing skills for jobs, and you can catch onto a market that is always in high demand.

 Do You Know Web Design?

Website design will always be in demand. Many freelance job sites have offers listed for web designers. Create one specifically for your portfolio to showcase your skills, and then start your search. Web designers make good money doing freelance work, so there is no limit to the income you could earn here.

 Are You Crafty?

If so, then consider selling your creations online. People are always looking online for affordable, yet unique items to purchase as gifts or for themselves. If you have a crafting talent then use it to earn some extra money by selling online.

Recessions don’t have to put your life on standby. Making extra Money during a recession is possible. Living comfortabley without money concerns is attainable as long as you are motivated, and have reasonable expectations.


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