Mikko Viljami "Linde" Lindstrom (Short Bio)

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In the Nurmijaui District is a small town called Klaukkala which is just north of Helsinki, Finland. Where on August 12, 1976 Mikko Viljami Lindstrom aka ‘Linde’ was welcomed into the world by his mother Riita a stewardess for Finnair the countries national airline and father Olli an engineer.

As a young child Linde was am introvert, mostly keeping to himself, which even further exassabeted the fact that when he was in kindergarden kids use to tease him because he use to wear glasses. But unlike his fellow classmates Linde had a passion for music at an early age. By the age of six his parents help him purchase his fisrt record, an album by a finnish country/folk vocalist Mikko Alatalo. Linde also knew that his father was an avid fan of music especially anything done by Elvis Presley. So for christmas at the age of ten he was given his first musical instrument, ever, an acoustic guitar a mini Landola, in which he immediatly took lessons for.

A couple of years later in a school that was on the border of east pakila and Oulunkyla Linde soon met Ville Hermanni Valo (who would soon be the lead singer of their band HIM). They became fast friends having a common intrest in music because at the time Linde was perfecting his craft as a guitarist and Ville (at the time) as a bassist. They would regualry have jamming sessions and when he wasn’t doing that with Ville, Linde would widen his palette of musical influences such artists as Steve Vai, John Lee Hooker, Tony Iommi, Philip McClean, Elvis Presley as well as Iggy Pop whom he would later met at the Comet Awards in 2001. By being aware of his chosen instrument he would gravitate to a more accomplished players such as the late Jimi Hendrix.

As of Jan 2010 Linde is doing well and his band HIM has still continued to release album after album. Their latest project Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice is to be released Feb 9th 2010. And the band is planning to tour europe, and North America. All this information can be found at www.heartagram.com


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