Farmville Cheats: Get Farmville Cash For Free

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Farmville on Facebook has the most players of any online game ever. There are over 70 million players and more joining everyday. It’s a very addicting game because you always feel the need to login and check on the progress of your farm. Your crops grow even while you’re not playing so you run the risk of coming back to a farm full of dead crops if you’re not careful. Here are some Farmville tips to get you started:

Once you get to a high enough level to unlock peas, you should plant as many of them as possible. They might not give as much XP as some slower growing crops, but they grow much faster so you will get more XP in the long run. For example, if you grow a 20 by 20 field of peas you will get over 60,000 coins every time you harvest and that includes plowing and planting expenses. Peas also give pretty good XP when you harvest them. You can earn over 6000 XP in a couple days if you play as much as I do.

I recommend separating your farm into several different areas and plant crops at different times. This way, every time you play Farmville on Facebook you will always have some crops to plant, some crops to harvest, and some crops that are still growing. This provides a steady stream of Farmville cash and XP and there’s a much lower risk of losing all your crops if you suddenly can’t play for a couple days. It can also help you from getting bored doing the same thing over and over.

If you’re just looking for XP, you should set aside an area of your farm for hay bales. Buy as many of the hay bales for 100 coins as you can afford because they give you 5 XP each and this can really add up. Think about it; if you spend 100,000 coins you could get one thousand hay bales. That’s 5000 XP right there. Another bonus is you get half your money back when you sell your hay bales. You can keep repeating this process over and over to get some easy levels. Go to to learn more Farmville cheats and Farmville tricks to put your farm over the top!


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