A Prayer for Haiti

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During the course of history, natural and unnatural tragedies have repeatedly emerged to powerfully and profoundly threaten the fabrics of humanity. Similar to 9/11, the recent events in Haiti have inspired countless examples of generosity, service, and unity to aid the relief efforts. As a global community, we must continue to expand our relief efforts to provide for those in need and sincerely unite to aid our fellow man.

I urge everyone to continue giving their time, money, and prayers to support and galvanize the Haitian people, while delivering hope to them in their difficult hour of grief. All of us on the outside of the crisis cannot possibly understand the present pains of the Haitian people or the perseverance necessary to not only maintain hope, but simply survive.
I urge you to please take the time to reflect on the countless blessings in your own personal life. Many of us are blessed with special friends and family, adequate food and shelter, steady employment, our faith, and health of body and mind, yet, continuously take these gifts for granted in our everyday lives. Tragedy has stripped Haiti of such necessities and I invite you to join me in a prayer of hope, compassion, and love for Haiti, the service workers, and the survivors who suffer to salvage hope in the face of sorrow. May God bless all of the relief efforts, rebuild Haiti to become stronger than before, and restore hope in the hearts of the Haitian people.

A Prayer for Haiti

I pray dear God to grant reprieve

To Haitian brother in dire need.

Spirit, instill a strength divine,

Transform his heart as loving Guide.

May healing hands inspire hope,

May grace and love our prayers provoke.

Raise Haiti’s head, with conqu’ring faith

You will prevail, you will prevail.


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