Fun Fitness: 10 Simple Strategies

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1. Master The Mindset: The key to enjoying exercise is attitude. Prior to a workout, focus on the goals, prior efforts, and the opportunity to de-stress, as means of motivation and satisfaction. Rather than regarding exercise as a punishment, identify the positives. Ultimately, check the attitude, be an optimist!

2. Education “Core”ner: The age-old saying, “Knowledge is power,” is undoubtedly true in the quest for health and fitness. The countless online articles and videos, as well as related books, magazines, and journals may be one of the most powerful motivational tools to maximize results. Becoming an expert in a certain area will certainly inspire a sense of pride and ownership in each workout and fuel the “fitness flame.”

3. Interval Inc.: If daily workouts routines are monotonous in pace, duration, exercise selection, and intensity, an “extreme-fitness makeover” may be in order. During cardio routines, alternate slower periods with faster periods to maximize metabolism and burn more calories, while making time fly. To resuscitate a strength training routine, cut out the rest and move from one exercise to the next and increase the density of the workout. Aim for a total-body circuit of 12 to 14 exercises (10-15 reps), 2 to 3 days per week.

4. Costume Change: The age-old adage look good, feel good rings true. Feel fresher will undoubtedly inspire the struggling fashion-savvy athlete. Reward a renewed commitment to fitness with a workout outfit or two.

5. Scenery Switch: Changing workout scenery from time-to-time is essential for keeping exercise fresh. Appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors, try out a new walking or running trail, or join an existing local exercise group.

6. Exercise Expansion: Possible forms of exercise are endless and many offer similar healthy benefits. Try a new activity, join a new team, and learn at least one new exercise or movement progression to add into each and every workout. Choose the most enjoyable activities and love every minute.

7. Partner Power!: Enlist the services of a Personal Trainer to educate, motivate, and organize workouts. An exercise partner in the form of a spouse, friend, or like-minded individual will ensure accountability and enhance the workout experience, by growing in health and fitness together.

8. The Group Fitness Advantage: The group element is powerful phenomenon to maximize personal motivation and enjoyment. The possibilities are endless (yoga, pilates, zumba, core classes, kettlebells, running groups, biking groups, water aerobics, resistance band workouts, aerobics, spinning, kickboxing, boxing, bootcamp, martial arts, organized sports, and on and on). There are group opportunities for every age, experience level, and exercise preference. Join a new group and feel the instant power of positive energy, a support system, and a rush of endorphins.

9. Music is My Motivation: Create personal playlists to provide a continuous source of rhythm and energy. During interval training, match the speed of the song to the speed of the workout. Also, make a cool-down playlist to play during the post-workout stretching period to relax and focus on the day ahead.

10. Technology Tactics: Use technology to gain the ultimate edge. Wear a pedometer each day and set goals to overall increase movement. There are countless applications and electronic trackers of distance, heart rate, time, and other helpful feedback variables. Listening to a favorite podcast during exercise is an enjoyable reprieve from the usual overplayed playlist. Lastly, viewing more online workout videos will allow teach proper form, new exercises, and ways to keep workouts fresh and fun!


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