The Awe-Inspiring Power of a Personal Bible Verse

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Many Christians around the world adopt a personal Bible verse to guide their daily lives, draw strength from amidst life’s trials and temptations, or possibly a specific verse emerges as inherently connected to a specific, significant, life-altering event. Regardless, the signature verse’s value proves divinely priceless to the individual, contributing to spiritual stability and fueling an enduring faith. Inspiring stand-alone verses are inevitably amplified when personal anecdotes, a myriad of memories, and treasured triumphs are collectively shared with the verse in testimony to encourage others to similarly witness. With an open heart, please read my personal Bible verse several times and reflect on the inspiring message delivered by the prophet, Isaiah. Afterwards, I personally share the verse’s background and the positive manifestations of following Isaiah 40:31, by placing my faith and trust in God throughout my life. Lastly, I invite others to share their experiences either in their own post and continue to link these verses together or simply share in the comments section of the page.

My Personal Verse: “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31, as the verse is written in The New International Version Bible.

My Success Story: Inspired by Isaiah 40:31 I first recall reading Isaiah 40:31 in the 8th grade as our confirmation class was instructed to choose a specific verse to adopt for the confirmation ceremony. Not only would our verse be shared with the congregation orally, but also in the form of each confirmand’s uniquely created banner hung between the church’s stained glass windows. I read a number of verses, before my father recommended I examine Isaiah 40:31. As an athlete and a soon-to-be “Eagle” at my local high school, I discovered the perfect verse to encapsulate my life and describe the divine connection of faith I aimed to establish with God. Upon assessing my past and present artistic prowess, I must admit I have never been a “miracle worker. Luckily, my mother helped craft the perfect confirmation banner, including eagle soaring proudly. Confirming my faith was a special ceremony shared with friends and family, as I received my first blessing of communion and personally resolved to commit to lifelong service to God.

In addition to serving as my confirmation verse, Isaiah 40:31 was an integral means of motivation to conclude my pre-race routine throughout my high school and collegiate track careers. The final preparation phase of ensuring optimal mental and physical focus was to kneel at the starting line, bow my head and recite Isaiah 40:31, slap the track, strike my chest, and vigorously spring to my feet. Each instance I positioned my toes to the line, I instantly felt fearless. Placing power and trust in God for guidance and protection was the simple, galvanizing force needed to perform to the best of my abilities. Once the starter’s gun sounded, madness for initial position ensued. Confidence in the weeks or months of preparation guided my performance. A strong foundation was established during the prior weeks of practice and each race I considered an exciting opportunity to validate my commitment. Ultimately, I experienced great success with this approach, culminating with a Missouri High School 4A 800-meter State Championship in 2004 and brief, but rewarding track career at the University of Missouri.

Faith Lessons: Spirituality is identical to this athletic analogy. The foundations of faith must first be formed mentally. Next, the individual should sincerely “practice” their faith through actions. Inevitably, there are difficult times of temptation and tests of faith (the races). If my foundations are firm and my faith has been practiced wholeheartedly, why should my faith waiver amidst a hurtful human relationship, professional disappointment, or move to a new city. Trusting God’s divine plan to guide me to the finish line is an awe-inspiring source of strength and I excitedly await the ultimate “championship” in heaven.


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