Make your own music

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We all love music. Well, at least most of us like a specific genre or kind of music. Some people like hip-hop, others are classic fans. You can also find fans of chansons, pop, rock or corals.

Have you ever considered to make your own music? Even if you don’t play an instrument, it’s not impossible to be creative and compose something on your own. Let’s say you don’t know anything about music theory. You can find a lot of good, sometimes even free, software that can put together some sound samples. You choose a beat that you like, add some harmonic chords and insert a special effect here and there. Now you have created your own, very personal piece of music.

You will see, that even this easy way to create your own music is very satisfying. After a while, you may get tired of mixing pre-recorded sound loops. Then it may the right time to look into music theory. There are some good resources on the Internet, to learn how to read and write sheet music. You can find free software to put notes on the screen, so that you will be able to experiment with your own, and very personal melodies.

Creating a melody is not as hard as you think. First you try to find a theme. A musical theme is just a sequence of a few notes, like Ta-da-da-daaah in Beethoven’s famous 5th symphony. The whole symphony is just a variation of this initial theme.


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