Spring Baby Names – Ideas for Naming Babies born in the Spring

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These are ideas for names associated with the spring.

When using spring associations to name a baby, think of the gender of the child and consider whether the symbol is more female or male.

 For instance the spring flower Viola is more suitable for a girl while Chervil or Dill might suit a boy. Take a look at the following suggestions for names of babies born in the spring.

Spring Baby Names for Girls

Names of flowers can conjure up images of warm and carefree spring days. Names inspired by spring flowers include: Anemonella, Azalea, Bergenia, Caltha, Primula, Primrose, Pulsatilla and Viola. Some fresh wild spring greens also include: Voilets, Dandelion, Sorrel and Malva. Adromeda is also the name of a shrub that blooms in the spring.

Girls Names and Symbols of Spring

Girls names with meanings associated with spring include: Anthea, Blossom, Cerelia, Ceres, Fontanne, Ingrid, Phoebe, Tami, Verna The start of the spring season is March 21st and the season ends on June 21st.

Names associated with these months include: Marcella, Nana, April, May and June … all possible girl names. Dawn is a name that brings to mind the “new beginnings” associated with the spring while in Greek mythology, Demeter is the Goddess who makes the earth bloom and grow beautifully in the spring and summer.

Persephone, her daughter was the goddess of spring growth. In Roman mythology Eirene (or Irene) was the goddess of peace and of the season of spring. Variations of the name Irene include: Airina, Eireen, Irena, Ira, Irayna, Irenka, Oryna, Rena, Rene and Rina. Saint Bernadette was a French peasant girl who had visions of the Virgin Mary and who uncovered a spring near Lourdes where people experienced mariculous cures. Variations of the name Bernadette include: Bera, Berna, Bernadine, Bernessa, Bernette and Bernita. Castalia was, in Greek myhology a nymph pursued by Apollo who fell into a spring on Mount Parnassus.

Spring Baby Names for Boys

 Dennis is a popular name for boys born in the spring. This name is associated with Dionysus, the Greek god of wine who was responsible for the growth of the vines in the spring and the originator of winemaking. Names derived from Dennis are: Dennys, Dennison, Denzel, Denit, Dion, Denny, Dionysus Other boy names associated with the spring are Alvern, Atherton, Dathan, Jarek, Jaromir, Jaroslay and Kelby. Whereas the meanings behind the name Rockwell is rock spring, Rothwell is red spring and Wellborne means a spring-fed stream.

Boys Names Associated with the Spring Months

 Boys names associated with the spring months include Marcus. Mars the Roman God that also rules over the sign Aries is at the root of names such as Marcus and Marcel. Other forms of Marcus include: Mark, Marko, Markus and Markey. Aries is a fire sign and boys names associated with fire include Aden, Aidan, Blaise, Brenton, Castor, Edan, Elmo, Flint and Phoenix, Taurus is an earth sign and boys names associated with earth include: Adam, Admon, Borak, Clay, Cronus and Damek. Deciding on a name for your baby is one of the first important decision you are making for your child.


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