Spring Babies and Astrology

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The stars can offer insight into the temperament of these spring babies and in fact, according to astrology, there’s quite a difference in behaviour traits of babies born at the start of spring to those born towards the end.

Spring Babies Born Between March 20 and April 21

These babies will have the sun in Aries. This set of spring babies will be lively, sociable and impulsive. They might tend to act first and think about it later. Aries babies will grow up to be the go-getters of this world. They need to be active and “doing something” and will enjoy sporting and other physical activities.

Aries babies will be enthusiastic but should be encouraged to stick at it when obstructions get in the way. They will love to explore and this is a trait to be encouraged. They will enjoy toys that challenge them in some way and regular trips to the playground or baby gym class will help keep this spring baby happy and stimulated.

Spring Babies Born Between April 21 and May 21

These babies will have the sun in Taurus. This set of spring babies will have a placid and calm temperament. Taurus babies will love to explore through touch and taste. They will be sensitive to any slight change that is around them and will need a lot of support in new circumstances.

 It might seem as if Taurus babies overreact to anything they are unfamiliar with. This baby will benefit from all the care, affection and closeness his or her loved ones have to offer. Soothing music will help a Taurus baby relax as will a gentle massage. These spring babies will respond best to a regular schedule.

Spring Babies Born Between May 21 and June 21

These babies will have the sun in Gemini. This set of spring babies will have a curious, intelligent and restless nature. It will be normal for your Gemini baby to cry frequently in the early months especially if he or she is bored or in need of something new to look at.

Mothers who have had a demanding day might feel their Gemini baby is being overly-demanding but they cry to express themselves and won’t mean to annoy. They will be interested in many different things, watching the world around them and flitting from toy to toy. Gemini babies will need a lot of visual stimulation, sound and music. They will love experimenting with anything new but should be encouraged to focus on one thing at a time.

Gemini babies appreciate being read to and as a toddler, every bedtime story will be their favourite one! Every baby is special and unique. Astrology can help parents to become more aware of their baby’s temperament and understand how he or she approaches the world.


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