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Jharmon’s 10 Worst Articles on Triond

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10 Ways to Go Green on the Job

You’d think with all the hubbub in the media over the last several years about Green programs and helping the environment and the like that this Triond article would have drawn some readers. Nope. Hardly any. In fact, after more than six months online, only 16 people have read this one. Maybe that will change. Why aren’t people reading it? Maybe a boring subject, or perhaps the article’s title isn’t very good. You be the judge.

One Writer Reads a Romance Novel for the First Time

Romance novels are by and far the most popular literature of our times (just ask any book publisher), so I would have thought this article might have drawn some attention. Nope. The article covers my response to reading my first, and so far only, romance novel. Since I’m a writer, I thought it made sense to study romance novels to try and see why they are so popular. I guess I get it, sort of, but I’m a guy. So what do I know?

Rant: Restaurant Servers Need to Know When to Shut Up

I sometimes have a cynical sense of humor, and my rare rant articles show this. This particular article focuses my ire upon restaurant servers who constantly keep interrupting my while I’m trying to give my order. I thought it was funny. So did a few other people. But not many. Maybe I’m not so funny after all.

Proving the Worth of Martha Stewart During these Tough Times

Actually, a friend originally wrote this one a couple of months ago, but she wanted me to post in Triond to see what kind of response it would get since my friend was considering starting a Martha Stewart blog. Unfortunately, the response was very little, so my friend ditched the blog idea. Too bad, because I thought she had some good ideas.

5 Rock Stars of the Chess World

I realize chess isn’t everyone’s game, but my thinking was it was popular enough to at least draw a few readers. And I was right. It drew a few readers. Very few. This article looks at five of the great champions of chess, such as the infamous and mysterious and wacky Bobby Fischer.

My Writing Tools Over the Years

Okay, I admit, this wasn’t a great idea for an article. Pens, pencils, typewriters, keyboards? Who would want to read about that? Apparently not too many people. This article was written in a moment of “I don’t know what to write about.” Maybe I was tired at the time.

10 Ways to Conserve Water

Again, with all the media hype about the environment, I would have thought this article would have drawn water … er, I mean readership. It didn’t. It sank faster than the Titanic. Still, it’s a worthy cause, conserving water, not only by possibly helping the environment but also because it can save you money.

10 Bicycle Safety Tips

I guess no one is interested in safety tips for bicycling. Or maybe the subject matter just isn’t very exciting. Still, the tips in this article are worth noting if you’re heading out to do some bicycling. Better safe than sorry, right? So please, please, please read this article. It might save your life. And make me one-one-hundredth of a penny.

10 Basic Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Ever heard the old saying, “write what you know.” I broke that rule here. And it shows. I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles. Other than that some of them are loud. But I thought the subject matter could make a decent story, did some quick research online, phoned one local motorcycle parts place, and came up with this article.

Why is it Phone Books Suck So Much Nowadays?

This is another ranting article. This one is about my frustration with the pile of phone books that seem to appear on my front porch every few months, and how each phone book is more useless than the last one. Remember when phone books used to be helpful? Doesn’t seem that way nowadays.

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