Live, Love, Laugh, and Luxuriate – The Cosmic Call of the Hour

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A momentous challenge lies before you. You are inhaling the next vital breath of your pertinent life and with it, ingesting those things that truly matter. Your life is a direct reflection of the delegated compartments of which you have specifically ordered. Nothing is out of order and nothing is amiss. This is your carefully chosen, executively administered and precisely ordained cosmic existence. You are, at this moment, specifically and completely ‘full of all of the comprising components’ {situations, events, circumstances}, intergraded ingredients {people, places, things,} and multi-layered elements {emotions, thoughts, actions, reactions}’ that have ever existed since the beginning of time. Not one grain of sand has been misplaced from the ocean of your reality. Nothing exists outside of your personal domain or extended boundaries for which you erroneously believe you must strive and compete to attain.. You have precisely and exactly what you want in the exact way you want it. No exceptions. This is it! This is a good as it gets, period.

Further more, you never been separated from the origin and essence of who you are, or from the ones who truly mirror your soul. You are vibrating at the exact frequency relative to your swirling motion of events. How could it be otherwise? You are an intensely creative vibrant sensual sexual creature who is imbued with enormous potential and radiating attraction. The question set before you, now: Why are you bemoaning your lot? What you are aware of, if you are conscious of any aspect of your life, is the dawning, pervading sense of urgency to ‘seize the moment.’ It is up to you to see through the false charade your eyes present as a means of distraction and constant dissatisfaction. “Don’t let your eyes betray you.” It’s time to get on with the program of pleasure filled artistic physical living!

You inhabit a body, on earth and the suggested regimented menu for this planet is to: live, love, laugh and luxuriate. That’s the deal for real. When engaged in the passion of your specific soul’s agenda, you can do no harm. In fact, you can possibly spread a little happiness and good cheer along the way. Who knows? Anything is possible. It’s the unmistakable call of the hour to live your dreams in fullest of expanded ways. No holding back. You are taking up residence in the most luxurious vacation paradise in the galaxy. Will you release the barricaded resistance you so cautiously maintain to meet yourself in the moment of season’s radical change? By realizing the enormous germinating power locked within each breath you take, you will soar like a celebrated eagle.

Or you could choose to remain stiff, boring, unmotivated and down right unattractive. Where’s your sense of universal adventure? Where are the exotic and unexplored sensual escapades? You have been hiding your alluring nature way too long. Get on with the program of living fully, passionately, sexually and artistically? Why not? What do you have to lose except the dull and monotonous angry existence you uphold? It’s high time for you to make your effective non duplicated productive contribution to earth.


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