Benefit from practicing proper relaxation techniques

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Some people feel as if kicking back and watching television is relaxing enough for them. Actually relaxing is a feeling of peace of mind. What ever satisfies you and gives you a peace of mind. Just simply find an activity that will keep you occupied, gives you pleasure and brings you satisfaction. Do you best to dedicate 20-30 minutes a day with the relaxing activity you have chosen.

    Relaxed breathing is another relaxing techniques that several people use. With this technique you are focusing on deep relaxing breathing. Practice this technique during your daily routine that way it becomes natural so when you do become stressed you will use these techniques automatically.

Relaxed breathing focuses on deep , relaxed breathing. You can practice this throughout the day so that it can be a natural thing for you.

Step 1  Sit comfortably on a chair or lie on the couch or a bed .

Step 2  Rest your hands on your lap or your stomach and place your feet slightly apart.

Step 3  Count to four and slowly inhale. You should feel your abdomen move with your hand.

Step 4  Pause one second after inhaling. It’s important to pause because inproper breathing can cause you to hyperventilate.

Step 5  Slowly exhale as you count to four. You will notice your stomach falling as you exhale. If you don’t see that you may want to relax and try this part again because your not doing it correctly.

Step 6  Imagine you stress flowing away as your air flows out.

Step 7  Repeat these steps 5 to 10 times, depending on how you feel.


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