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If you drink a cup of coffee in every waking hour, it will have an effect on your health. However, a cup or two a day is unlikely to be bad for you.

Coffee can shrink women’s breasts

According to scientists, drinking three cups of coffee per day can make women’s breasts shrink with the effects increasing for every cup drunk thereafter. The good news for coffee drinkers are that their breasts will not disappear overnight, they will only get smaller. In addition, researchers also found that regular caffeine can prevent the risk of developing breast cancer.

Coffee stains your teeth.

Similarly to cigarette smoking, coffee can stain your teeth.  Though you can purchase teeth whitener, it is best to cut back on coffee.

Bad breath

Coffee can give you bad breath. The whiff of the breath of a heavy coffee drinker can be unpleasant.

Coffee raises stress levels

Coffee must be drunk in moderation as too much coffee intake can raise anxiety levels. As a result, you can become stressed out and your body can physically shakes.

It can raise the risk of a heart attack.

Science is still thinking about the risk of heart attack and coffee drinking.   If it raises the heart and blood pressure then this is not healthy for the heart.


Too much coffee can lower your sperm count.

Stomach problems

Caffeine can irritate the stomach lining, which to lead to further problems.

Coffee can prevent Cancer

It is not all doom and gloom. As we learned before that drinking coffee can prevent breast cancer. What more, coffee contains boron; a chemical that can also help to prevent prostate cancer.

Overall, coffee is a good social drink.  You might feel that you need to drink one cup after another but this won’t do your body any justice. However, when drinking coffee, remember to drink it in moderation.


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