Guaranteeing a successful tooth fairy

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The tooth fairy is often a dear part of a child’s life. After all, losing a tooth makes a child’s smile look strange; it makes it awkward to eat; it can lead to teasing from other children. So receiving a gift, however small, can absolutely help ease the loss of a precious tooth.

However sometimes parents don’t notice a tooth is gone, especially if it’s further in the back. With this day and age of busy parents, you may not have had time to hear all about your child’s lost tooth. Imagine the disappointment when the tooth fairy doesn’t come.

Well here are some ways to figure out if she needs to spring into action

A special pillow: Telling your kid to use a speciall pillow so that the tooth fairy “knows which person lost the tooth” is a great addition. This is a dead giveaway as you kiss goodnight.

A letter: Tell your child that he/she has to write a letter. After all, there are so many kids. How is the tooth fairy supposed to know exactly when she needs to visit?

Note in the mailbox: A variant of the letter. It’s a note that is put into the mailbox. It has to be put visibly, this way when you come home you can see it.

Surprise gift: If unfortunately you didn’t realize that it was time for a tooth fairy visit, and your child is sad that she didn’t come, try a surprise gift is in order! One of my most special tooth fairy memories was when she didn’t come. I was sad and told my mother (who didn’t know I lost my tooth since it was one of the back teeth and I hadn’t told her). Next day, home from school, I discovered a beautiful pink Barbie Backpack under my pillow! Much better than the regular coin.


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