Modern Warfare 2 – Unlimted Care Packages

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Get it while it’s still hot–The unlimited care package glitch is spreading through the MW2 community like a wildfire. Infinity Ward even mentioned that they are working on a patch for it. Now is the perfect time for you to get those killstreak challenges done and get those new emblems.

First off, you aren’t going to want to use marathon while doing this glitch (it makes it impossible). As you may or may not know, you must climb something while you are doing this glitch, which is why using marathon will ruin everything. If you have a friend, you may want to get some practice in a private match. While doing this glitch, you may want to use cold blooded and ninja, this will help keep away some enemies with UAV or heartbeat sensors. The hardest part about this glitch is getting the care package itself. Me and my friends have found that it is much harder to get that 4 killstreak (or 3 w/ hardline) when you are actually trying. It also tends to make you very angry when people kill you one kill shy of your package.

The how to:

1. Obtain your care package, sentry gun, or emergency air drop marker
2. Find a safe place to do this glitch. Your spot must have a place where you can climb something, and it must show the button A and the up arrow (this may differ if you are using a different control scheme or if you are PS3)
3. Make sure you dont have marathon. Hold the care package marker in your hand and tap the button that it shows on your screen in the climbing spot. As soon as you see your guns name pop up, push right on the D-Pad to pull out your care package (or whatever button you use for killstreaks). You might have to push right on the D-pad a little earlier. The point is to make your care package pop out as fast as you can.
4. Throw your care package, if it doesn’t say “Care package on the way” then you did it correctly. Note that if you are killed while doing this glitch, you will respawn with another care package. If you haven’t been killed, then take your care package and use it. Once it has been used you will obtain another care package marker. The only problem with this is if you get ammo or resupply. These will not give you your packages back. You are now forced to die to get it back.

The best place to do this is where most mounted turrets are. For example, either spawn on Karachi contains a spot with one. If you are confused as to what I am talking about, go to that map and look at the turret. The little stone thing it’s on is probably the best place to do it on any map. These things are found on most maps, even Terminal, Skidrow, Rust, Wasteland, etc.

With practice you should be doing this regularly with no problems. Remember, there is a patch coming out soon for this so enjoy it while it lasts.

If you need continued help, refer to youtube and you should have no trouble finding a guide.


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