Art Appreciation

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A work of art is a self-contained entity that has the life of its own imposed on it by its very own creator and has internal order – not affected by any societal contexts or demands. It is the only material object in the universe that possesses internal harmony which enables itself to stand up on its very own.

Core Ideas:

Art as the only entity that possesses internal order

When we talk about order, it is something that is evolved from within, not something imposed from without. It is an internal stability and vital harmony.

Art does not cater to the demands of the society

An artist’s creations should never be affected by any societal contexts or by the fact that the people want what they want because when the artist takes into consideration what the people want, and tries to supply to the demand of society, then he may not be considered an artist but a mere craftsman who only caters to the desires of its people.

Art in terms of style

Style in the artistic sense, refers to the color, line, shape, space, composition of the artwork itself and its success should not be measured by its accuracy as a representation or the effectiveness with which it tells a story or suggests a moral. Instead, it implies that an art object is best understood as an autonomous creation to be valued only for the success with which it organizes color and line into a formally satisfying and therefore beautiful whole.

Art as a tool for one’s self expression

Creativity of the artist is depicted on its artwork itself and it is a result of the artist’s expression of what he is – an exercise of his freedom. It is a product of a person’s being, who the artist is while making the artwork. It’s more on the uniqueness of our individuality that makes every artwork unique from the others and in our very own little way of expressing ourselves.


Art is unique because it is an expression of its creator. It should not cater to any demands by the society and its value can be measured not by the accuracy of its representation but by its beauty as a whole. It is the only material object in the universe that possesses internal harmony and can stand up on its very own.


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