You can succeed in managing stress in the workplace

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   Stress is a natural occurrence in everyday life. Different people are effected by different situations in different ways. Occurrences in your professional life can be the common cause of stress. The ability you have to handle stress in professional situations is critical for the success of your career.

    Obtain training or you can ask co-workers for help and discuss with your manager if you are haven’t serious problems with the skills they expect from you.   Lack of clarity about your job responsibilities . Ask for direction anytime you are unsure what is expected of you. Make sure you and your manager have a mutual understanding of what you are expected to do. Clarify in writing if needed.   Personality clash with co-workers or manager. Try to work things out. Seek help of an advisor to handle difficult situations.   Poor working environment is a major contributor.

    Make your working environment as comfortable as possible. Report serious or unsafe conditions to your manager. If needed to a higher authority. Unrealistic deadlines for projects should be addressed.  Make suggestions and propose a realistic schedule and include information that will show that it will work. Use these situations to help you not make the same mistakes on the next project.   Demands of personal life interfering with professional demands is a common issue.  Set priorities in your life and ensure that your professional and personal actions are in order with priorities in order. Set aside time to do things that you want to do. Job Loss can be crippling.  Losing a job or trying to keep a new job causes stress mentally and physically. Maintain a positive focus and take time to find ways to secure your employment if possible. Using your professional network can help to lead you to job opportunities and relieve some of the stress associated with job worries.


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