The way mental seduction can enhance sexual intimacy

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   Not everyone desires the complete package of intimacy. There are more people in the dating game that prefer to just have casual sex without any strings attached. They feel that it’s easier to handle and less stress on the friendship. It’s common for men to feel that way, but you are finding that more women are following that trend of casual sex which some may call a friend with benefits. Once they have experienced the way to a woman’s heart is bonding with her. Show your concern for her day and allow her to vent her frustrations to you if need be. By doing this she will feel a closeness with you because it shows that your trying to bond mentally with her.

      Begin the art of touching hours before you have sex. Give her a light tap on her but or even graze your man parts across her butt while passing by here. This should get her a little relaxed and more approachable when it’s time.   Although you may be hot and bothered, don’t show it to her yet. You may come across as a little selfish. When you talk to her ,make the conversation about anything besides sex. Give her the feeling of being open and secure with you. This is a desire every woman has.   Every man is aware that a woman wants a sense of security from a man. Show that you were listening to her during your conversation and ensure her that you are there for her mentally ,physically and spiritually. The key to this step is to show her as well as verbally telling her.


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