Is MirandaSings08 Real?

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If you like to browse YouTube videos either frequently or on occasion, you’ve most likely come across MirandaSings08 – a very popular YouTuber who likes to make videos of herself performing covers of popular songs. What’s so special about MirandaSings08? She’s horrible! People started subscribing to her because they enjoyed making fun of her.

I first heard of MirandaSings08 while watching Equals Three hosted by Ray William Johnson – another popular YouTuber who featured her “Single Ladies” video on his show. My husband and I watched and laughed at her. We couldn’t believe this girl actually thought she had talent. For days, we walked around the house mocking her voice.

Fast forward a few weeks later, I decided to check this girl out on YouTube – almost 20,000 subscribers. What?! I thought, “That poor girl who thinks she has a great voice only has subscribers so they can make fun of her.” And it’s not just her voice. She holds her head funny, smiles crooked, winks deep and wears too much lipstick. So, I started to get a little more curious. I did a little more digging. I mean, there’s no way this girl could be for real, right?

Actually, it turns out MirandaSings08 is just a joke. It’s fake.  Not only is the real MirandaSings08 an amazing singer, but she’s a great actor, comedian and most of all – performer. She made up her YouTube channel and MirandaSings08 to mock the many people out there who do think they have talent and show off on YouTube. You know, the people who use their webcam to take videos of themselves singing and when people tell them they have no talent, they reply with, “You’re just jealous.”

So, who is MirandaSings08? Her real name is Colleen Ballinger. People started putting two and two together and her secret was let out. What’s interesting is I couldn’t find a single interview with Colleen Ballinger. However, you can find lots of interviews with MirandaSings08. The interviewers play along with her character. She’s funny to watch during an interview! MirandaSings08 and Colleen Ballinger don’t seem to be related at all on the internet – by her anyway. Take a look here. This is the only site I found showing videos of both Collen and Miranda.

Colleen Ballinger aka “MirandaSings08” has become a YouTube sensation! She even has her own line of clothing she sells on Café Press for her fans. I’d love to find an interview with Colleen Ballinger talking about her reasoning behind the character “Miranda.” For now, I’ll just assume she made her up to prove anyone can be famous if they try hard enough – even if they’re horrible. Or perhaps, you just have to be really bad?


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