Rottweiler Breed Health Issues

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The Rottweiler breed has some Health issues that can be of a major concern and we will talk about some of these in this article. These all have been an on going issue with the Rottweiler breed.  With hope we will soon see a decline in some of these with more and more health testing.

Hip Dysplasia is a main concern.  There are several factors that can play a part in this issue. The main one being genetics.  The condition of the parent is a big part of the type of offspring it will produce.  When dogs with hip dysplasia are bred there is a higher chance that the pups they produce will have hip dysplasia.  While some wont show the disease at all it is a very good chance they are carriers of the disease and will pass it on to any offspring that they produce.

Some other things that can be a factor such as improper diet,  Protein is the building blocks of muscles. Strong and firm muscles can keep the hip joints intact. If they become loose and relaxed, the hip joints get affected.  Obesety in a dog can cause the legs to get deformed. This obesity can also cause a form of canine arthritis.  This then can be some reasons why hip dysplasia develops in some dogs.  Too much exercise at an early age can also be a cause.

Cancer seems to be a growing issue with this breed.  It seems as though certain bloodlines within the breed seem to be more suseptable to this terrible disease.  Each year we see more and more dogs afflicted with cancer.  Bone cancer seems to be the leader followed by lymphoma and on down the line.

Subaoritc stenosis is a genetic and congenital heart condition of dogs. A problem which may result in sudden death.  This condition is usually detected during puppy vaccine visits to the veterinarian by hearing a heart murmur during the physical examination.  The puppy will most likely appear normal in all other aspects. This is a very frustrating condition to  identify in your pet because  the chance for long term survival is low.

Cranial cruciate ligament rupture is the tearing of a major ligament in the stifle joint (knee), resulting in partial or complete joint instability, pain, and lameness. We know that torn ligaments  cannot be repaired completely. If the injury is not treated, damage to the connective tissues as well as degenerative joint disease often is the result.

Entropion, which is a rolling-in of the eyelid. This causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub on the eyeball, which is both painful and often causes corneal ulcers or erosions. Ectropion is the turning out of the eyelid (usually the lower eyelid) so that the inner surface is exposed. Cherry Eye is what they call it when the gland of the third eyelid prolapses or comes out of its normal positi

Bloat can be caused by dogs gulping air when they eat too fast or get excited. It seems larger dogs with deep chests are more likely to get it. A dog with bloat has a painful, distended abdomen, can act restless and may try to vomit or defecate. If the stomach twists, they may die from shock.

These are just a few of the health issues that the Rottweiler breed is dealing with.  We can only hope that with time and testing we can bring down the number of affected dogs.  More and more research is being done.  Careful screening will be one way to help reduce the numbers.


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