How to write an effective Resume

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It doesn’t matter what job you are applying for having a professional well written resume is essential. This is because the average employer will spend about 30 seconds initially looking over a resume. And since there are so many job seekers out there right now you have to make your thirty seconds count.

First and fore most you want to highlight your most desirable skills and showcase your professionalism. So it is imperative that you arrange the elements of your resume to best illustrate your strongest assets. Take the time to carefully consider these assets and decide what you want the reader to notice first about you. For example if you have a strong educational background you may want to include your education section near the top of your resume.

When arranging the elements of your resume there are a few limitations to consider, like your heading which includes your name and contact information should almost always appear at the very top. After your heading should come your objective statement. The objective statement is basically a way to specifically state what type of position you are seeking. The objective statement is not static, in fact it’s so dynamic that many people chose to change or update their objective statement for just about every position they apply for. The objectives statements main purpose is to show the employer that you are looking to attain a position like the one they are offering. For example if you wish to gain employment in a call center environment you should specifically state that within your objective statement.

Now depending on how you arranged the elements of your resume in step one this step and the next two may need to be rearranged. Usually it is a good idea to include a section that gives a summary of your most important skills. Such elements to include in this section could be something like, “Ability to 50 WPM” or “Excellent customer service skills”. Try to include a lot of adjectives and action verbs here.

It is also customary to include a section that illustrates your education and training. In this section be sure to include any and all higher education or training that you have received even if you didn’t complete it. Most often even one college course is considered a plus. Also be sure to include the names and addresses of these institutions as well as any certificates or degrees that you received and the dates you attended. You may also wish to include a brief description of the courses and or training you underwent if it would be of importance to the employer.

Work experience is another biggy. This section should include the employer name, city, and state that they are located in, the position you held, and the dates that you were employed. Under the above information for each job you should list your primary responsibilities and duties. Try again to use adjectives and action verbs as much as possible in this description.

If you so desired it is appropriate to include additional sections in your resume like activities and interests which could include information about your life outside of work and school if it is relevant to the skills you have attained and the type of position you are seeking. The last section on your resume if you chose to include it is your references. However since I do a lot of applying to jobs online I personally prefer to write “Available upon Request” in this section.

Finally ensure your resume is error free. Ensure that every word is spelled correctly and your commas, periods, semicolons, etc. are placed appropriately. Also be sure that you update your resume anytime your skills or experience changes.


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