6 Ways Everyday Companies use Professional Voiceover Talent

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1. Website Audio – including website greetings, speaking characters, audio testimonials, audio naviagation buttons.

2. Podcasts – Some companies employ voiceover artists to record and produce full podcasts, others prefer a Voiceover artist to record an intro and outro to use on their company podcasts.   Other companies use voiceover artists to edit down their podcasts and their interviews into manageable audio files and clean up the audio file – removing ums and ahhs etc.

3. Telephone System Recordings – A professional voiceover artist can be used to record telephone welcome greetings, IVR, phone prompts and voicemail messages.  Many companies employ voiceover artists to record on-hold messages to promote thier products and services.

4. Radio and TV commercials – The choice of voiceover artist is critical in a radio campaign.  Carefully choose a voice that matches your companies image and products and services.  After all on radio it is the Voice thats doing the selling.  TV commercials have the benefit of reinforcing the message with visuals, but the Voice and music are still an important component.

5. ELearning narrations – Many companies are turning to the benefit of electronic learning to train their staff or product users.  Students can learn at their own pace and be guided by the audio narration and on-screen animations and text.

6. Product Tour Narrations – Online retailers can use the benefits of product tour video and audio to help sell their products. A product tour can show website visitors the benefits and applications of a particular product.

Written by Alison Pitman. For further information about the author and to hear her voice demos visit www.thephonevoice.com


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