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            The Golden is Everywhere

            It is in the trees created by Him

 In the Light created by Him

In the World created by Him

In the towering structures created by the Children He created

The rivers He made

The Mountains and The Earth and The Stars

Space and Time                                                                  

Our Minds

Our Voices

Our Love

Our Souls

Beautiful Gifts

His Children strive to honor Him

To understand Him

To emulate Him

We love Him

We create

Like Our Father

The Perfect One

In His Image

From the Dust of Stars

He created

Because He Loves

He Loves His Children

When we are at our Best we see Him

And we seek Him

Through the stars and the world and each other

We seek Him

For we love Him

And each other

When we See Him

He Is Blinding

Blindingly Wonderful

Blindingly Beautiful

Through everything we see Him

Acts of Kindness

We see His Will

We are His Children

And He Loves Us

It is difficult to See Him

It is painful, so painful, to See Him

He Is so Bright



Light beyond Light

Beyond All Imagination to See The I Am

Shatteringly Beautiful

All of the Colors

And the Fire

The red and white and yellow and orange Fire

The Blinding Light

The Infinite

The Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and Ending.

The I Am

He shows us, His Children, through the Beauty of The World He has created who we are.

Who we are to Him

How much He cares

Who and What He Is

Who we are

We can choose

He Loves us

We can choose

            We can choose What we Wish

            His Gift

            Where we wish to Be

            Who we wish to Be

            We can choose

            What we will Be

            It must not be this way:

            The Way that it is

            It need not be this way-the Way we have made it, the World

            We can choose

            We don’t have to do the terrible things we do

            His Gift

            From The Divine to The Divine


            We can fulfill His Wish

We can know Happiness

            We can be Good to each other

            We can choose.


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