Crafting Romantic Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

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Yes we all want that expensive gold or diamond jewelry for Valentine’s Day. I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if it was offered, but crafting romantic jewelry for Valentine’s Day can allow you to create affordable jewelry for yourself and your friends. Leave the expensive jewelry for your significant other to buy.

Jewelry making has become increasingly popular. It is easy to do and most anything can be used in creating beautiful fashion pieces. Check your old vintage jewelry for broken necklaces or earrings that have lost a mate, old antiqued shank buttons and beautiful filigree charms or pendants. All of these things, plus a few other items that marry well with a romantic feel, will help you create romantic jewelry for Valentine’s Day with a lovely vintage charm.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Choker:

Measure around your neck. Do not make this a tight measurement or the choker will be uncomfortable and there is nothing romantic about the that. Add 2 inches to this measurement. Choose a beautiful ribbon that is approximately 5/8 to 1 inch wide. Cut the ribbon using this measurement. Fold over the ends of the ribbon a half inch and press. This can be done with an iron unless the ribbon is too delicate, if so, then finger press. Stitch the raw end of the fold and the sides of the fold to the ribbon choker. Overlap the ends of the ribbon choker a half inch. Place a snap between the overlap and stitch in place. This is the back of the choker. On the folded ribbon end that overlaps on the romantic choker, stitch a decorative button. Position an old earring, charm or vintage button on the center front of the choker and stitch or glue in place.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Bracelet:

Measure around your wrist and add 2 inches. Repeat the steps for the Romantic Valentine’s Day choker.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Pearl Swing Necklace:

Cut a length of beading thread 40 inches long and thread on a beading needle. String and center a charm half way along your beading thread. String old vintage pearl beads on each side of the charm on the beading thread. Leave 2 inches exposed on each end. Tie the ends together and clip the thread. Add a dot of glue over the knot to prevent unraveling.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Hair Wrap:

Measure around the head for the placement of a hair wrap. Cut a piece of memory wire using this measurement plus 3 inches. Using needle nose pliers grasp one end of the memory wire and bend into a small loop. Thread old vintage pearl beads on the memory wire stopping a 1/2 inch from the end. Using the needle nose pliers grasp the exposed end of the memory wire and bend into a small loop. This hair wrap can be worn around the head or wrapped several times around a bun or ponytail.


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