Give your products a voice – 5 benefits to using a Product Tour

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If you sell your products online why not create a multi-media product tour to promote your product.
Online video and audio can engage your website visitors and help them learn more about your products.
A product tour can demonstrate the postive benefits of your products increasing your customers willingness to make a purchase.
Research show that interactive rich media is five times as effective as standard online marketing techniques.Rich media is also significantly better at increasing brand awareness and favorability, helps getting your message across and increases their interest in purchasing your product. An online product tour is also available to your visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

An interactive product tour can increase your sales by:
1.  Grabing Attention – a product tour uses video, voice over narration and music.
2. Building Interest – consider a product tour as an infomercial.  Extolling the benefits of your product through the use of visual, audio and a persuasive sales script.  Much more interesting and eye catching then straight-forward static text.
3. Creating Desire – . Once you’ve show your customers see all the benefits your product has to offer, they start to imagine themselves owning one.
4. Stimulate Action – By grabing attention, building interest and creating the desire, a product tour can convince your potential customer to make that purchase!

As more and more consumers have broadband internet access at home, and the vast majority of internet-enabled computers have a Flash player installed this means the time is right for rich media. People are spending more time than ever online and making more purchasing decisions and purchases online. And according to research, people with broadband earn more – and spend more when shopping online – than dial-up users. 
Why don’t you consider using a product tour to promote your business.

Written by Alison Pitman. For further information about the author and to hear her voice demos visit


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