Why the Apple iPad will eventually fail

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Apple has announced the long rumored tablet called iPad. It has an Apple i4 1GHz CPU and 9.7 inch screen. It does not run Apples Full OS, called OSX and instead runs iPhone OS 3.2. The prices for it start at US $500. I have 5 reasons why this product will not meet Apple’s hopes that it will equal the iPod’s popularity.

1: The iPad does not have any real advantages from the iPod Touch / iPhone other than a bigger screen. It has a faster CPU but it really is useless as the system cannot run more than one program at once. With that it is not portable compared to the iPod touch which also makes it a useless on-the-go media device.

2: No Flash = Incomplete browsing experience. This is another huge problem. Many of the sites of large Corporations are fully flash based with a no-flash version reserved for low bandwidth visitors. This really is a huge dent in Apple’s statement that the iPad provides a complete web browsing experience.

3: Cannot compete with dedicated E-Readers. Steve Jobs gave a speech that he expects the iPad to redefine textbooks and newspapers with its built in iBooks application. The hindrance in this vision of his is that the iPad does not have a E-Ink display that competitors like the Sony Reader have. The screen in the iPad will definitely be unsuitable for lengthy reading sessions and will produce much more eye strain. This is the reason that the Barnes & Noble Nook has got an e-ink display for reading coupled with a color display for navigation.

4: The screen resolution is roughly 2.5 times more than the iPhone which means that the existing apps in the App Store will appear in a small box on the screen or will be stretched to fill the screen making the app appear very pixelated and lackluster. This does not give the iPhone the 140,000 apps advantage over the iPad.

5: Competition: The iPad will firstly face competition from Netbooks. There are models of these for $400 that include wireless broadband (like the iPad) and full Windows and 10 inch screen which will do more than what the iPad can ever accomplish. If its job is an E-reader then the Sony Reader Daily is a much better alternative for $400 with wireless service or the Barnes & Noble nook which goes for $259. Both of these include E-ink displays.

So to me this device is pretty pointless. Who needs a huge device for playing music and videos when cheaper and better alternatives are available? If this device had OSX on it then it would be a different story. The iPad, according to my assumptions is doomed to be a failure.

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