Turkish Investment Appeal

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As the appeal for foreign property investments continue, buyers are becoming more interested in obtaining the full potential from their purchases. Buying procedures are evolving as investors become increasingly confident in the processes and risks involved in overseas markets. Average investors are moving further afield from regions of familiarity, understanding the increased benefits to be gained from markets other than Spain for example.

Turkey has long been a preferred holiday destination, with the appeal as an investment location steadily growing as the features and benefits become increasingly evident. Both new and seasoned investors are attracted to the Turkish property market for the exceptional opportunities it presents.

Investors often fall into one of two categories: those who make decisions based on straight forward facts of the market, and those who need to see and feel the destination prior to purchasing. The first category is usually an experienced investor who understands markets, opportunities and risk factors. While the second category is often a lifestyle investor who considers markets based on their own lifestyle preferences.

For pure straight forward investment, the facts relating to Turkey speak for themselves. A progressive, fast growing economy and one of the world’s top emerging markets, fuelled by the continuous property demand from a population growing at a faster pace than the world average. Strong growth in the real estate sector has been assisted by the tourist market and theproperty affordability. Latest technology is effortlessly integrated into modern developments for luxury, high end living.

Accessible not only to a full spectrum of buyers with regards to pricing, yet also with transportation links. Constant improvements are being made on infrastructure and transport, keeping up with the huge demand and future expected growth of the country. The comparatively low cost of living appeals to re-location buyers, evident in the figures of around 75,000 foreign buyers already invested in the Turkish property market.

Early investors are viewing the strong potential for Turkey entering into the EU in the coming years, with huge gains evident in emerging markets such as Turkey. Locations such as Bodrum and Kusadasi are already showing incredible demand, with populations growing 10-fold in the summer months as preferred holiday destinations. Capital appreciation and rental returns are strong, as the locations hold their unique individual seaside appeal. The towns also feature relaxed Mediterranean style climate and lifestyles in attractive, friendly environments.

When searching for a suitable property investment market, Turkey offers many distinct advantages for both lifestyle and pure investment purposes. Whether buying straight from the bold facts or visiting the idyllic seaside resort towns, the investment opportunities are at the lowest prices they are ever expected to present.


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