How To Organize A Purse

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Have you ever spent an inordinate amount of time rifling through your purse to find something? Does the inside of your purse look like the black hole and once something goes into it, it disappears? Time to organize that purse and quit wasting time looking for your keys or receipts and here’s how:

A miniature file folder, the type used for organizing coupons, is a perfect item to keep in your purse and place receipts, passes, tickets and of course grocery store coupons in. Label each section of the miniature file folder and place the corresponding paper items in it for easy access.

Ziploc bags are your purse’s friend. A Ziploc bag will keep small makeup items organized and keep the interior of your purse spill-free in case a makeup containers comes open inside your purse. Gum and candy will stay organized and fresh when stored inside a Ziploc container before plunking them into your purse too.

Keys. Where are my keys? Place a shower curtain hook or toggle on the inside zipper of your purse and place your keys on the hook, No more time wasted searching for keys.

Purchase a small, old-fashion change purse and use it to place your loose change in. The change will always be organized and at your fingertip when needed.

It seems like such a small and meaningless thing to organize your purse, but if your purse gets organized, it helps you feel better about yourself and that will spill over into other areas of your life that need organized as well.


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