The Burmese Cat

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The Burmese Cat

Sleek, distinguished and somewhat regal in appearance, the Burmese cat has the ability to make anyone fall in love with him. An established breed of cat, the Burmese is loving, friendly and a great companion to any home.

They have been around for a long time in Burma and Thailand (previously Siam) where they originate from. Known as the Chocolate Siamese, they were often overlooked by the more popular Siamese cat.

The line in North America today as we know it is thanks to a Dr Joseph Thompson of San Francisco. He imported a beautiful chocolate coloured Burmese cat named Wong Mau to the States. This cat was described as a “rather small cat, fine boned but with a more compact body than that of a Siamese, with a shorter tail, a rounded, short muzzled head with greater width between round eyes”. Wong Mau eventually mated with a sealpoint Siamese named Tai Mau. She was then bred with her son to produce several gorgeous brown kittens that were named Burmese cats.

The Burmese breed was established and they quickly found popularity throughout North America and Europe, especially in Britain. Officially recognised as a breed in 1936, scientists undertook studies to identity Wong Mau’s genetics and it was this published study that resulted in the early breeding program.

The Burmese cat is an absolutely beautiful creature. Their coats are short, glossy and come in a variety of different colours. The original Burmese colour is a warm, chocolate brown colour. Others include blue (soft grey-blue with silver tips), lilac (a pale grey colour with slightly pink tendencies), red (a cream colour with pale pink or red shades to the tips), cream, brown tortie (brown with red shading), blue tortie (brown with cream shading) and lilac tortie (lilac with shades of cream). The variations make these cats absolutely stunning.

The personality of a Burmese cat is quite similar to that of dogs. They will follow their owners around and love to give them love and affection, and want it in return! Loyal, friendly and relaxed, females will want to be the centre of their owners’ attention. Males are generally more contented to simply sit on their owner’s laps and be stroked.

Caring for these beautiful creatures is relatively easy. Owners should never give them milk or cream as like most cats, they cannot tolerate the lactose in it. Never give them onions, always make sure they have fresh water and good healthy food. Provide a scratching post (unless you are fine with them scratching your furniture!) and remember to give them the one thing no animal should go without – love.


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