Lifestyle Investments in Turkey

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Interest in the Turkish real estate market continues to soar, with the first half of the year seeing continued demand from buyers keen on the extensive range of benefits the market offers.

The main demand from clients has been for new and off-plan properties in the coastal regions such as Bodrum and Kusadasi. Interestingly, holiday home purchases have been the most sought after investment option amongst buyers in the Turkish real estate market.

While investors are aware the Turkish property market can produce some lucrative returns as a short term opportunity, many buyers are taking the less risky approach to investment. Combining the various appealing attractions of the Turkish property market, mid to long term investments have become the most popular buying option.

Buying to let with guaranteed rental opportunities has enabled investors in Turkey’s fast expanding property market the opportunity to generate returns, while also benefitting from personal use of the property.

Several developers are also offering guaranteed buy-back deals, enabling a completely risk free investment opportunity. Having been many years since buyers have seen such confidence from developers, Turkey has continuously shown its strength, along with displaying stable future growth performance abilities.

Even timeshare owners are looking into the Turkish property market as an alternative to the hassles associated with a shared property. The maintenance fees and associated costs of owning a Turkish property is extremely favourable in comparison to many timeshare strains.

Retirement and re-location to Turkey is also gaining popularity as a preferential alternative to locations such as Spain. As the Spanish market remained steadily strong for many years, buyers have realised that all of the attractions of the location can also be found in Turkey, at a fraction of the cost.

Buyers are not only following the trends of the mass market in placing an interest in Turkish property investments, they also have a good understanding of the market. The attractions, benefits, growth potential and future stability of Turkey has been studied by many of the largest financial and investment companies in the world, proving the region to have staying power.

Buyers with an understanding of the market know that right now is considered the best time to buy into the Turkish market, enabling potential for impressive growth in the short, medium and long term.


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