Why I Love You: How To Find The Words For Your Love Messages

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When it comes to expressing romantic sentiments on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or other grand occasions, some of us get a little tongue-tied. So how do you transform a truckload of love into words? Well, here’s a little help conveying, “Why I love you.”

Generally speaking, people would rather be loved for their inner charms than their looks, so try not to make a hot butt, for example, the main focus of your romantic affirmation. Physical attraction is potent, but when declaring your love, start by admiring deeper traits.

The wording style you choose will depend largely on how you are wired for romance. Do you favor an understated approach or one that is more heavy-duty?

The understated personality usually needs a shot of insulin to survive the romantic overload on Valentine’s Day. If this sounds like you, it’s best not going too mushy. It will smell insincere and you might gag on your own words. Instead, use unadorned phrasing that imparts meaningful thoughts. Here are few reasons why you can’t help but feel the love:

I love you for being the person who amazes me in so many different ways:

  • Your heart feels like it’s super-sized. It lifts me up to crazy heights and never lets medown.
  • With a flash of your smile you transform me.
  • You do this magic thing with words that mellows out my soul.
  • Just thinking of your caring ways makes fast food taste gourmet.
  • You make this twisted world a little saner just by reaching for my hand.

If you’re a heavy-duty romantic, or want to become one, you need your language dripping in romantic syrup, topped with a dash of rose petals. Stay away from clichés and just let those romantic emotions gush forth. These words might help deliver the right message of love:

The reasons I love you are infinite but here are just a few:

  • Your loving touch enkindles me, your loving gaze entrances me, your loving heart embraces me.
  • The goodness you bestow onto others magnifies the outer beauty I am blessed to behold every day.
  • Your beautiful spirit takes me to a place of unimaginable fulfillment.
  • The warmth that pours forth from your soul envelops me in bliss.

Regardless of communication style, your words should speak to your sweetheart’s core and how it has seized your heart. Words that express genuine feelings of love will forever be remembered.


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