Why Should You Invest In Your Mind

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The mind is a great machine. It stores thoughts and can help obliterate barriers. The mind can run wild like an out of control child. It must be nurtured and watched with proper supervision. People and situations are a huge influence whether it be positive or negative.

We take the mind for granted and wonder why we’re struggling and underachieving in life. As your mother use to say I’m the parent and you’re the child, the same hold trues for the relationship between you and your mind. Don’t let it run you into poverty and failure. You’re the disciplinarian who lays down the rules. Do it with authority because the mind can sense fear.

It’ll raise its voice to prove points that aren’t valid. The mind hates to be wrong. That’s why it’s very argumentative. It doesn’t want you to win. The mind wants you to be average in everything that you do. It brings attention to past mistakes, embarrassments and ridicules you for attempting to be more in life.

He’s the biggest bully you’ll ever face. But, he can become your best friend. You have to be determined and strong. Right now, the mind’s weaponry is stronger. His strengths are vocalizing your past failures and bullying you into submission.

You can defeat him by reading inspiring books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc. These are ammunition stop him from destroying your life. You’ll learn how to train him to help you succeed in your endeavors. He’ll be resistant and throw barriers to stop your progress.

The barriers will include miserable people and complainers of an unfair life. He’ll belittle you for living in an apartment with one table, one chair, peeling paint and a bare refrigerator. The mind won’t provide a solution, but will make you believe that your situation is permanent and that there isn’t a way to advance.

Since you’ve been diligently acquiring knowledge and learning about your enemy, you’re ready for his attack. You quote inspiring lines from God, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown and Harrison Barnes. Now, you’re so powerful that you ignore his self limiting advice and crush his pictures of misery and abject poverty.

After awhile, a new voice emerges and grows louder. It’s positive and fruitful images of vacationing overseas, driving a 2010 black bmw down an open road drowns the voice of negativity. When it tries to overcome positivity with doom and failure, you just smile. Thoughts of beauty continue  to take over your mind.

Slowly by mastering your mind, things begin to change. Your driving a bmw. You travel across the world. Your apartment is furnished with a brown sofa, a plasma tv, a giant dining room table with four chairs and a doorman who calls you when guests arrive. Don’t think the battle with the mind is over because of these successes.

You still have to discipline the mind daily to live a life of happiness and abundance.


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